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Custom Built New Desktop and Laptop Computers

Most of these products carry a 2 to 5 year manufacturer warranty on Hard Drives, 3 year manufacturer warranty on Microprocessors, 1 to 3 yr Mfg. warranty on Motherboards and a 1 year warranty on all other parts.  

Our new Computers, Servers and Laptops come with (2) FREE six month checkups during the first year ONLY.

This is unprecedented in the industry.  

All Computers have all the software needed to perform everyday task that most user need.  None of the Computers have 30 or 90 day trial software installed, all the software that is supplied are full versions.  

You get a full Office Suite including a Word Processor, Spread Sheet, Presentation, Drawing, Math, Html Editing and Database programs.  Picture Management and Viewing Software including, Picture Movie Player with Sound, Screen Capture and all the tools needed to edit or enhance your photos. You can even save your pictures and Office documents as a PDF file.  You get Movie making software, Games, latest Media Player, Email Software, Best Web Browser, Flash Player as well as Archiving software.  You receive beautiful wallpapers to enjoy and the best support around.

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